Our Mission



Every company conceals the potential for optimizing structures and workflows. We are as familiar with the processes of contract manufacturing as with R&D and manufacturing processes for series products:

  • Faster product launch
  • Enhanced efficiency of change processes
  • Centralized management of consistent product data
  • Short development cycles and costs
  • Flexible support from distributed teams
  • Reduced product life cycle costs

Our mission is to supply our expertise to our clients, thus enabling them to safeguard and build their competitiveness.

Since our company was founded, we have provided successful consultancy services for many clients, proactively and efficiently working to achieve these goals.

Dr. Maier CSS will remain a qualified partner focusing on the following Oracle applications:

  • Innovation management (Fusion Cloud application)
  • Agile PLM with own CAx integration platform
  • PLM, ERP, CMS integration
  • Program and project management
  • Product compliance management
  • AutoVue Viewing and graphic analysis

Our Vision




Our vision is to continue advancing our proven PLM methods, targeting product value chain continuity and exploiting new developments in IT connectivity. It is essential for business processes and information flows to always reflect the state of the art in IT technology and keep pace with its changes. In addition to continuously expanding our own expertise, we seek to build our customers’ trust in cloud applications. Our goal is to establish a solid bridge between today’s on-premises applications and the cloud applications of the future.

Oracle is our strong partner in achieving this vision.

Our values



Innovation and development

Companies need innovative power and flexibility to guarantee their competitive edge – and this need will take on greater urgency in the future. We aim to play a proactive role in creating the conditions required by our customers to rapidly develop innovative, high-quality market-ready products while keeping control of costs and expenditure, to ensure the business success they need.


Customer orientation and customer proximity

Our focus is on the customer. We aim to understand our customers’ requirements in order to identify the best solution for them. Transparency and long-standing business relations rooted in mutual trust are paramount in our work. Both sides benefit from the continuity we offer, which enables strengths and weaknesses to be rapidly and easily analysed.


Quality, professionalism, credibility

We set ourselves high standards in the quality of our services, and achieve this quality with professionalism, prudence, systematic working methods and tight-knit teamwork. We work closely with qualified partners in a network that complements our high quality standards and underpins our credibility.

Personal and professional development

At Dr. Maier CSS, our highly qualified staff form a unified, cohesive team. All members are called upon to plan and perform their tasks effectively and well; only good results are acceptable, and our rules are designed to achieve this. At the same time, every member of our team has extensive scope for independence in organizing their work and achieving the desired results within the required timeframe. Continuing training and exchanges of experience with our partners enable the team as a whole and its individual members to develop and grow.


Sustainability and business success

Customer orientation is a matter of course for us. For over thirty years, the success of our company has been founded on qualified, trust-based collaboration and our responsibility towards our customers. We have never ceased to adopt innovations at an early stage – from CAD/CAM, CIM and EDM in the past to PLM today and PVC tomorrow. We work closely with IT innovations to build globally connected information and business processes and ensure our – and your –company is fit for the future.