High quality standards

Our goal is to provide you, as our client, with expert consultancy in all aspects of PLM and related processes.

We aim to draw on our experience and knowledge to help you respond with assurance and efficiency to the rapidly changing demands of your market. Our experts seek to supply personal, future-proof and partnership-based consultancy services. The quality of our services is aligned to your specific needs and expectations as our client.

We measure this quality by the degree to which our results, your expectations and your benefits match up. We set ourselves high standards for the quality of our services:

  • Maximum appreciation by our clients
  • Highest specialist expertise and interpersonal skills
  • Thorough understanding of our clients’ requirements and goals
  • High level of credibility and trust
  • Direct accessibility and communication
  • Professional reliability and high level of planning certainty

We turn a critical eye on the progress of our projects to identify potential areas of improvement, and devise and implement appropriate actions. Find out more about our consultancy services.

We are delighted at the high acceptance of our services, measured against the yardstick of our clients’ expressed appreciation. But we are well aware that it is not enough to maintain this client satisfaction – we must work at improving it day by day.

To find out more about our philosophy and what you can expect as our client, see About Dr. Maier CSS.

Specialization and certification

We specialize in multi-disciplinary aspects of product engineering (CAx, PLM) and the product value chain (PVC).

We can implement long-term improvements in your value chain processes with PLM / PVC. As an Oracle GOLD Partner, we have long-standing experience in the implementation and application of

  • Agile PLM e6 for machinery and plant engineering
  • Agile PLM A9 for high-tech, electronics and medical devices
  • Program and project management (PPM)
  • Product compliance
  • Innovation management (IM cloud application)

We have in-house expertise in ISO9001 CMII:

  • ISO 9001 quality management consulting
  • IDO 9001 audit preparation
  • CMII configuration management

We are currently preparing for our own ISO9001 certification, in the phases:

  • Order processing
  • PLM project management
  • PLM support
  • PLM integration software

To provide more effective support for our target group of manufacturing companies, we are a long-standing member of the Frankfurt am Main-based industry association VDMA.