Change Management

Getting it right from the outset



Good results are only created when optimized workflows and consistent, centralized product data management are in place to take the strain off highly qualified people. This boosts productivity and safeguards corporate know-how.

Opportunity to generate improvement

Changes are part of everyday routine. The impacts of change are often assessed inaccurately or cannot be fully determined due to lacking or wrong information. Confronted by these problems, the change process becomes time-consuming and unwieldy and is often avoided.

Every change represents a quality defect, triggered internally or externally. The need to remedy this defect serves as an opportunity

  • to improve the product or process, and
  • to eliminate the defect in future.

Change is controlled by a change management process integrated into PLM. Components, bills of materials and documentation are appropriately categorized; essential measures, qualifications and roles are assigned in a workflow, creating a transparent, efficient process enabling overlapping work steps can be performed.

Make the most of our potential

The solution approach we supply involves a standardized change process system. Pre-prepared templates are available for simple and complex changes, based on the customary industry-specific requirements for:


  • Machinery and plant engineering
  • Mechatronic drive and control technology
  • Laboratory and testing equipment
  • Medical devices
  • High-tech electronic products
  • Tools and equipment.
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