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Agile PLM for Barry-Wehmiller

BARRY WEHMILLER Industries Inc. (BW), based in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, is a new addition to the list of Oracle Agile PLM users in Germany. BW has taken over the paper processing technology line from our long-standing customer, Bielomatik Leuze, in Neuffen, and merged Bielomatik’s paper cutting product operations with German BW subsidiary Kugler WOMAKO GmbH in Nürtingen.

Bielomatik’s highly integrated engineering process with NX 3D CAD and AutoCAD 2D, using Oracle Agile PLM e6 and including output management and ERP link, so impressed BW that the group also adopted the Oracle Agile PLM implementation directly for Kugler WOMAKO.

Installation at Kugler WOMAKO is currently ongoing. Once reimplementation and SAP-ERP connection are completed, BW plans to add its other German locations to the Oracle Agile PLM e6 solution at Kugler WOMAKO.

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