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Maier CSS – 35th Anniversary of the Company

2017 is a very special year for our company. Just 35 years ago, in January 1982, CAD / CAM was the cornerstone of the company, now known as Dr. Maier CSS - PLM Competence Partner. The IT technologies have changed dramatically since then. Today, we are also facing the new challenges that bring innovations, industry 4.0, Internet-of-Things, digital networking and cloud applications.

Many software systems have risen and disappeared during this period, and a few have evolved into solutions that are still up-to-date. The developers have changed, the partner Dr. Maier CSS has remained. Our know-how is still a stable foundation. Nevertheless, we are required to get fit for the future.

Remember this date: On the 17th of March, we are celebrating the 35th anniversary of the company with a customer day where we will present very interesting topics for future corporate strategies. Well-known and highly qualified experts will report on these topics:

o     Innovative business models

o     Internet of Things, Industry 4.0

o     Knowledge Management

o     Big Data Management

o     Performance Acceleration by Engineered Systems

o     Planning for the cloud

The event takes place at the 4* Hotel ACHAT Plaza in Karlsruhe. With this link you can register and reserve your place already now:

The agenda, timetable, access information and accommodation quotas are offered on time.

You will be welcome.

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