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New Oracle Database variant

Oracle released its new SE2 Database variant on 1st September 2015, replacing the previous Standard Edition (SE) and Standard Edition 1 (SE1) variants. Premier support for the last version of SE and SE1 (Release will be supplied up to 31st August 2016.

The key features of Database‘s SE2 variant are:

  • Maximum number of sockets = 2
  • Maximum usable cores per server = unlimited
  • Maximum number of DB instances per server = unlimited
  • Maximum number of simultaneous threads per DB instance = 16 (important in large-scale DB applications based on SE2)
  • Minimum number of NUPs (Named User Plus) = 10

See Oracle for more major features.

Existing customers with 4-socket machines must note that only machines with a maximum of 2 sockets are permitted for operation with SE2 ( SE1 or SE licences are not migrated automatically by Oracle. Customers must explicitly consent to the new conditions (# sockets, # threads, minimum NUP licences).

Migration from SE1 to SE2 will incur additional support costs (20% uplift). No uplift charges will be made for SE to SE2; however, please note the restriction to a maximum of 2 sockets.

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