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Successful EDQP workshop

Maier CSS conducted a successful 2-week training course for data managers at IHC Merwede. At the workshop, the attendees learnt to use Oracle’s EDQP software to rapidly clean high volumes of metadata and naming text and filter them by a range of criteria.

The objective of the project is to clean up previously unstructured master data for components, assemblies and standard parts. The data are assembled from a variety of sources at IHC sites and processed using EDQ and EDQP. EDQ matches master data to fields, while EDQP analyses the prepared metadata using semantic rules – ‘data lenses’ enabling naming texts to be standardized, parts families identified and technical features filtered.

IHC Merwede is part of the Netherlands ROYAL IHC Group. The company builds highly innovative ships with state-of-the-art equipment for applications including offshore technology, cable and pipeline laying, deep-sea exploration, dredging and land reclamation.

Oracle Software EDQ (Enterprise Data Quality) and the add-on module EDQP (EDQ for Products) are used to collate, clean, standardize and classify a wide variety of master data from IHC companies. The financial benefits from the process include reduced parts proliferation, easier search and find processes, more frequent reuse thanks to standardization and lower logistics costs and effort.

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