PLM software support

All support queries are processed as fast as possible. Precedence is given to extremely urgent cases.

Support is classified into three levels:

First level support

The Support Hotline accepts incoming support queries and opens a CSM ticket for each query in our CSM (Customer Support Management) system. Where necessary, specialist staff are called in to provide further support.

Second level support

CSM tickets for more complex queries are transferred to our specialists for clarification and solution. If the complexity of the query exceeds these options, the CSM ticket is transferred to third-level support.

Third level support

In the highest escalation level, further specialists are consulted and/or the producer of the software in question is called in directly.

The CSM system supports rapid ticket processing. All ticket handlers can access information on the process. The status and progress of the CSM ticket is monitored and customers can track the status of their CSM tickets on a personalized website.

This PLM software support system is open to holders of a valid software maintenance agreement with Dr. Maier CSS, specifying details of the PLM software support to be provided.

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