PLM User Service

Our clients use the Agile PLM system with custom configuration. Our PLM User Service supports queries related to specific PLM applications, configuration or installation environments. Our supplementary PLM service is aligned to this scope.

PLM User Training

PLM users receive training courses tailored to their company’s needs and the PLM applications in use there. To train users at distributed locations, we offer ScreenCam screencasts of the training content that can be accessed via the customer’s company Intranet at any time and from any location.

External PLM system administration

We can take care of the administration and daily monitoring of your PLM system on a temporary or permanent basis. To do this, we remotely access your PLM server environment or PLM clients via secure connections from our head office in Stutensee. This helps you to avoid potential bottlenecks in PLM systems administration.

PLM system training

Training courses for systems administrators and key users communicate in-depth knowledge of the operational processes and interrelations in Agile PLM, the supplementary modules and PLM installation.

PLM adjustments and configuration

We supply service quotas of person-days for PLM services so that you can commission us to perform small adjustments, additions to PLM templates, fields or rules. Once you have ordered your service quota from us, your systems administrator can use the quota for the required services. We document our services in a summarized report and issue periodic settlements of our services from the quota. Your benefits: A single order process, preferential treatment of your queries, settlement based on actual costs incurred.

These PLM user services are subject to fees. Contact us for a quotation.

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