Release Notes

New Oracle Database release 12c (

Oracle released its new SE2 Database variant on 1st September 2015. The new version is required for use with Agile PLM e6.2. Clients using the Standard Edition should note that there have been changes to the licensing model. The new Standard Edition 2 (SE2) will completely replace the previous Standard Edition (SE) and Standard Edition 1 (SE1) variants. Premier support for the last version of SE and SE1 (Release will be …
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New version of EAC – Extended Access Control released for Agile PLM.

The new EAC version 4.2.3 is now available for Agile PLM e6.1.3 and e6.2.0 and implements new standards developed to cater to globally distributed company locations: Rigorous restrictions on authorizations of locations or business units in Agile PLM, similar to client separation. Display of stock list while hiding parts lists or formulations for product components that are critical to maintaining expertise. Simplified management …
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Agile EDM e6.2.0 now available.

Multi-byte character support (I18N) is the main new technical function. Improvement of the AutoVue application, online documentation and MS Office 2013 integration. First Fusion Cloud Application INNOVATION Management, the first fusion cloud application, is integrated into Agile PLM e6.2.0. Multi-byte support (I18N, UTF-8) is now available in Agile PLM for all Eastern European and Asian characters including file names and CAD in…
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