PLM investment underpinned by professional software

PLM is the central platform for developing new product generations.
It must be scalable and suitable for continuous permanent operation.

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Software solutions

Boost competitiveness using best-practice PLM processes and Oracle Agile PLM.



There is no place for media disruption in situations where product life cycles are short and a host of complex new developments must be mastered by distributed teams and numerous suppliers. Loss or duplication of data and corrections to the information flow all threaten a company’s competitiveness.

Optimum Agile PLM Solution

We aim to supply you with the optimum PLM concepts for your needs. To do so, we have tailored Oracle’s Agile PLM solutions as closely as possible to the needs of the machinery and plant engineering, high-tech electronics and medical technology sectors.

Loss of information – a costly problem

To ensure seamless integration, we supply intelligent CAx interface modules for the commonest 2D CAD, 3D CAD, CAE and EDA mechatronics development systems. Product data in CAx Design is directly transferred to the PLM system. Agile PLM consistently stores and manages these files and data. After approval, the product data and their associated documents are directly transferred to SAP-ERP or other common ERP systems. AutoVue supports clear visual information exchange and is an ideal tool for team-based collaboration on new developments and change processes.

Nothing for free

Make the most of our experience from many implementations of Agile PLM. We have the expertise to systematically implement your requirements and objectives.

You can quickly start using Agile PLM in your production operations. We migrate your existing data to the PLM system and provide practical training to build acceptance among PLM users and executives.

These integrated industry solutions offer clear benefits for your quality products:


  • Profitable, innovative and efficient
  • Globally protected access rights and availability
  • Short implementation cycles
  • Centralized protection of data and expertise
  • Secure and streamlined workflows
  • Future-proof advancement and support
  • IT is structured into smart networks
  • Maximum transparency, efficiency and cost-effectiveness


Our industry expertise combined with Agile PLM enables you to optimize every aspect of your product life cycle. From the initial idea to end-of-life recycling, you benefit from shorter cycles and enhanced efficiency throughout your product value chain.

“The computer was born to solve problems that did not exist before.“
Bill Gates – co-founder of Microsoft
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