CADENAS Partsolution Integration

with Agile EDM



PARTSolutions by CADENAS is a leading strategic parts management solution designed to reduce long-term costs of the engineering and procurement of standard, bought-in and own parts.
Over 700 CAD parts catalogues provide designers with access to a practically limitless pool of current catalogue parts.

Seamless integration into Agile EDM

MaierCSS links Oracle Agile EDM and CADENAS PARTsolutions to transfer selected catalogue parts and their CAD geometries into the Agile EDM system:

  • A catalogue part is assigned a material number in Agile EDM. This number is internally reported to PARTsolutions. The naming convention used in PARTsolutions is adopted in Agile EDM.
  • Attributes of relevance to Agile EDM are added to the CAD file. The file is checked into the PLM file storage area (vault) as a CAD document.
  • The parts list and the 3D document are now connected (related) in the Agile EDM system.
  • The designer uses the PARTsolutions catalogue part in a CAD design. When the CAD assembly is saved in Agile EDM, the catalogue part is already known to the system and the CAD file is protected from changes and overwriting.
  • When the CAD parts list is later transferred to the PLM system, the catalogue part is already known to Agile EDM.

The screenshot below shows the bidirectional correlation between Agile EDM and PARTsolutions.


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