Efficient product development for faster realization of innovations

Efficiency must be rooted in a systematic approach to design. From the outset, all disciplines are involved in implementing requirements and deciding on solutions. Close communication, transparent planning and realistic budgets are essential.

Machinery and plant engineering

Shorter time to market with innovative products.

To maintain competitive edge, companies need to tackle the innovation race by developing better and better products – yet products also become more and more complex in the process. In practice, companies that enter this race must increasingly wrestle with the limits of manageability for this exploding complexity of products, processes and costs.

Keeping information moving

Mechanical engineering in Germany specializes in technologically sophisticated custom solutions. But the industry is continually faced with the need to shorten its production cycles from planning to commissioning, as its customers press for faster production-readiness of their investments.

However, the design process is lengthened by the need to coordinate a variety of sectors and clarify complex details with customers, production units or suppliers.

Faults result from inconsistent information. Information must be out ahead of the process steps; where information is lacking or incorrect, workflows may be hindered or grind to a halt.

The mechanical engineering market is not anonymous

On this market, it is rare to find two identical products. Despite the use of CAD and other engineering tools, engineer-to-order (ETO) is still a time-consuming and expensive process. Many companies in the machinery and plant engineering sector are making enormous efforts to introduce modular design to their system and assembly structures. While parameterized CAD design processes can speed up production, they also cause manufacturing variance to soar. To manage this variance and ensure the specialist expertise is firmly integrated in the standards applied during processes, products and functions must be organized into an intelligent structure.

Keep it simple and sexy

The objective is to design products, structures and processes that are as simple as possible, to achieve the maximum effect with the minimum effort. The ideal balance between external requirements and internal standards can make or break a company’s competitiveness and success.

We provide Oracle’s Agile EDM (e6) as an industry-specific PLM solution that is virtually perfect for all machinery and plant engineering requirements, including powerful integration of engineering and electrical design and fluid dynamics CAD and ERP.

We support you in moving from ETO to CTO. By using our methods, drawing on our long-standing experience in engineering processes and applying the right PLM strategy, your company can significantly increase configure-to-order – step by step. Your teams have more time to spend on innovative development, and powerful graphic visualization tools support cross-location collaborations.

It takes two to tango – Information and process flow

Information and process flow radically shortens the development time required for complex machinery and plant components. Recurring tasks are avoided, and design, release and change processes run in parallel or simultaneously. The PLM acts as the “single source of truth”, maintaining consistency through all data and files.
From sales and marketing to supply chain, operations are automatically correlated with other IT applications. The PLM process chain provides company-wide availability of valid, up-to-date information exactly when and where it is needed.

Dr. Maier’s proven PLM methods improve the profitability of your products:

  • ISO-compatible release and change processes
  • Shorter cycle times for interdisciplinary engineering
  • Improved coordination between functional departments, customers and suppliers
  • High level of security in complex change processes
  • Higher standardization and modularization
  • Reduced faults, reworking and risk
  • Shorter innovation cycles for new products
  • Information is transferred to other IT applications
  • Central protection of product and process expertise

Oracle’s Agile PLM is a PLM solution that consistently manages all relevant product data throughout the entire product life cycle. Sophisticated web services provide bidirectional access to movable data in other IT applications, allowing the PLM user to maintain a 360° overview of all graphic and non-graphic product data – the Enterprise Product Record.

“A man who stops investing in innovation to save money is like a man who stops a clock to save time.”
Henry Ford, 1863-1947
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