Oracle Agile EDM (e6)

Solution for instrument engineering and machinery and plant engineering



Agile EDM (e6) is Oracle’s industry-specific solution for the manufacturing industry, tailored to the needs of machinery and plant engineering and complex instrument engineering involving extensive standard assemblies and numerous variations.

Use of Agile EDM in the manufacturing industry

Agile Engineering Data Management (e6) provides across-the-board support of all product-related corporate processes typical of machinery and plant engineering, but can also be applied to other engineering-dominated products and to industrial manufacturing.
The Agile EDM solution enables a variety of product development strategies to be realized and customer requirements to be implemented as Engineer-to-Order (ETO), but also Configure-to-Order (CTO).

Flexible configuration of global corporate processes ranging from technical sales to engineering with multi-CAD support, ERP integration and technical services. Agile EDM provides powerful functions for driving extensive change, establishing collaboration with customers and suppliers, and global visualization of developments.

Oracle Agile EDM e6 Modules

  • Flexible, globally protected product and parts management
  • Configuration and management of all types of technical documents
  • Multi-level BOMs and document structures with where-used lists
  • Control and documentation of validities, versions and processes (Configuration Management)
  • Extensive change management with managed workflow
  • Product catalogues, dynamic parts categories with descriptive attributes
  • Powerful MS Office and mechanical, electrical and electronic CAD integration with bidirectional EDM data and file transfer
  • Protected, distributed file vaults with EDM-managed replication to remote locations
  • Standardized, configurable integration with SAP and other ERP solutions (material, BOM, document, change data), extensible for further data objects.
  • AutoVue Engineering Collaboration and Visualization
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